5ks, Jordan 1s and COVID-19

May 10, 2020

I haven't written anything recently (or at all, past the obligatory hello world post), so I figured I might as well while I had time to. Lockdown has not been an incredibly interesting experience, but I'm sure everyone reading already has their own feelings on that.

I've picked up running as a new "hobby" (if you can call it that) ever since my local YMCA shuttered up, and I can't say it's been all sunshine and rainbows, but I can at least brag that I can do a sub-25 minute 5k now! Something I've realized is that fitness in general is quite addicting if you're the kind of person that enjoys progress - watching the heavy weights you push get heavier or your running pace get quicker is satisfying in its own way, and that sense of constant improvement is something I wish I could apply easily to things like studying.

You can really tell when lockdown started.

The other hobby I've gotten into over the past year is sneakers, which is kind of a weird one. I used to not really understand why one would spend so much money on so much clothing, until I figured out it's just like collecting anything else, whether that be stamps or trains - the only difference is, sneakerheads (sometimes) wear their collections. Now, the hobby's got its own pitholes (every few Saturdays I wake up early to be told I can't buy a shoe, and don't get me started on the entire resell market), but I still enjoy it.

I think having hobbies (in addition to video games) has kept me sane two months into quarantine - they give me something extra to obsess over. But hey, online classes start tomorrow, so maybe I'll have something better to do now.